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FILMING WITH THE ZC1000N IN ANTARCTICA: REASONS FOR A CHOICE (PART 1: ergonomic handgrip and three points of rest)

In a documentary like "Perfect Antarctic Madness," virtually all of the footage is shot handheld, without a tripod. When shooting with real S8 film, there is no digital stabilizer: the image recorded indelibly and without the possibility of modification must be filmed as firmly as possible.

For this, the ZC1000N is the best camera option: its (detachable) grip is the most ergonomic of all cameras in the different 8 mm type S formats (Super-8, Double Super 8 or, as is the case, Single-8). What a difference with the Leicina Special, with which I filmed "Odyssey in Greenland", whose grip seems designed by a kind of Reinhard Heydrich to torture cameramen!

(Photograph: Annette Schmitz)

Another vital point of the ZC1000N, for filming without a tripod, is that the rubberized battery holder is located at the top rear of the camera body, allowing the operator to rest the camera against their front. This feature is vital to me, and so when I'm not shooting with the ZC1000N because I need to use Super-8 cartridges, I choose cameras with a similar type of forehead rest, like the aforementioned Leicina Special or the never-enough-valored Bauer A512 Mark II.

With the camera well supported on my forehead, perfectly held in my hand thanks to the ergonomic handgrip, I usually grab the body or the lens with the other hand, to give the whole more firmness, with three points of rest.

(to be continue)  PART TWO CLICK HERE

(Photograph: Annette Schmitz)


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