viernes, 5 de febrero de 2021


My Fumeo 9143 was the first manufactured, a prototype, before a few units were commercially sold, with the then new (1978 or 1979) Osram HTI 250 lamp, capable of giving more light than the now obsolete Marc300 of my Fumeo 9140 at a cheaper price, because It lasts about two hundred hours (even 250), and can be bought locally. 

Pulleys after the cleaning with acetone and Zippo fuel

This 9143 is also a prototype as it was one of the first units with a stereo magnetic head. But It is not a stereo projector, however, but you can play both tracks, if desired, by varying the mix ratio between the two. 


After more than thirty years, one of the three belts (the flat one), broke down. When I opened the cover, I see than the projector needed a good cleaning of the pulleys! 

My friend José Manuel

This 9143 is different, inside, to my 9119 of the latest version, and since it was impossible for me to pass the new belt, I needed the help of my friend José Manuel MacFuji, who, with his surgeon's hands, managed to place the new belt without any surgical operation .

José Manuel explained to me why the pulleys are oversized in the center: when turning, the belts always center at the highest point.

Thanks, José Manuel, once again!

Later version 9143: this is not mine

José Manuel estimated that the toothed belt was perfect, but he did also replace the belt of one of the two fans.

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