lunes, 1 de febrero de 2021


The Renzo Stroboscopic Device is like a drug: since I have a unit, I can't stop to adjusting the speed of the projectors!, on their internal trimmers (even if they have external adjustment). 

In this post, I will describe how to adjust the Silma range of projectors of the last batch, such the extraordinarily beautiful Blue Memory 75 and 90, but the indications apply too  to others built in the Turin factory and sold as other brands, such as, among others, the Canon T2000 and Canon T3000 or the Bauer T430 and T450. The trimmer for the fine tuning of speed is located on these projectors behind the main motor, as seen in the photo. 

To properly adjust these projectors from the Turin factory, the machine must be at 24 f.p.s. Once perfectly adjusted to this speed, 18 f.p.s. they will be perfect (or almost).

Renzo's Stroboscopic Device needs to aim its light at a toothed wheel. These projectors only have one. What to do when if the only  toothed wheel  is hidden from view,  as happen whit the Bauer T450? 

The technician filmmaker Luigi Petrin told me the secret: we must point with the stroboscopic light to the exit of the film behind the wheel: when you see that the perforations "are still" the adjustment is perfect.

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