jueves, 11 de febrero de 2021


Today I received a small package from the Netherlands containing a very interesting spare part, manufactured by Van Eck: a worm gear for my Eumig 940 Multiprocessor projector. Although I have not used my 940 for many years, I like to keep it in good condition, because I like it a lot since it is the first projector which high quality specifications I had, as a student, with which I recorded the sound track of  shortmovies "Universita...¿qué?" and "Víspera de examen", and the projector which I used, in all the colleges of Barcelona, to project "2001: an odyssey in space". It is a projector that, sentimentally, is very important to me.

In addition, one toothed belt for the same machine (although the original is still in perfect condition), a hook to manipulate belts in any projector, and a revitalizing liquid for plastic parts.

The catalogue of Van Eck can be seen here: WEB VAN ECK

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