jueves, 4 de febrero de 2021


This is the second time that the Swede film enthusiast Mats Abelli has done me a favour. The first time was, when on the occasion of the filming of "Spitsbergen, the Guardian of the Arctic" he got my suitcase full of Super-8 cartridges to pass without X-ray control at the Oslo airport. The second, by giving me, fully free, a totally new monitor screen for my beloved Eumig 940 Multiprocessor. It arrived today, very well packaged, and still in its original box!!!

Gift brand new with original box, from Mats

Now I have three !!! How is that? The other day, when I asked for help in Super-8mm group in Facebook group (the largest dedicated to the format on this social network), in case someone sold me one of this monitor viewers for my Eumig 940 (since mine has the screen with the screen detached and a small crack on the edge, and I like to have everything that I use impeccable), my friend Renzo dal Bo wrote me that there was one for sale in Italy: although the seller dont want to sell it abroad, Renzo convinced him to to sell it to me.

Second one, purchased in Italy

I had just accepted the asking prince when Mats wrote to me that he had a brand new Eumig monitor that he was giving me as a gift. So, I had two brand new monitors and one used... but only for a short time, because the used monitor (which I was thinking of mounting on the Eumig 938), I gave it for free to Alex for his 940.

One new unit for the 940, the other one for the 938

Alex is now very happy because he says that in an afternoon of work he will leave it immaculate, and I own two new viewers: one for my 940 and other one for my 938. Thank you very much, again, Mats for your gift. And also to Renzo, for the time spent convincing the Italian salesman.

My old unit, in use from 1981 until now (40 years!!!) for Alex

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