miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2021

WHAT SUPER-8 CAMERA TO BUY? Note number one: forehead rest support

It depends a bit of the project and type of shooting. As I shoot mainly documentaries, with a lot of hand camera shooting, I need a special inge-in grip: fundamental, for me, is a forehead rest; this allows my forehead to serve as a third point of support.  For this reason, my favourite cameras are, in this order, Fujica ZC1000, Leicina Special and the Bauer A512.  I avoid the cameras with XL shutter, of more than 200 degrees, but if I need to use one, my election is the Bauer C900, with forehead support too. 

There are some other models with this interesting feature, as the Leicina Super and certain other Bauer cameras. 

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