jueves, 22 de abril de 2021

Galician power: Eumig Metropolitan repaired!

 The terror of the technicians in the world universe, in all its roundness, are the Eumig tape decks, of diabolical design, so complex and refined that no engineer, outside of Austria, dares to put his hand on it. There is no similar design on the world market, with a multitude of wicked traps that are a challenge for technicians.

After my second and last Metropolitan broke down, after 40 years of use, I was very sad. Of course, I could buy any other brand of tape deck, easier for service, but for a filmmaker, seeing the mythical Eumig brand on the work table is a strong point that no one outside the Super-8 World can understand.

No technician in Spain can repair the Metropolitan decks. 



In a cloudy and green region of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula called Galicia, in a small town with a 2000-year-old Roman lighthouse, my friend José Manuel Mr. Xerox Fuji achieved the impossible: to make the Eumig Metropolitan operational again. Galician power! 

I'm very happy. I don't pretend, this time, that it lasts 40 years at my age: if it lasts 20, I'll settle.


It is the year 9 after Kodak's Chapter 11. No Spanish technician can repair the Eumig Metropolitan decks. 
In a small Iberian town, Galician warrior Ignacix does not faulter in his resistance against wear and degradation, thanks to his druid Josix's magic potion!

Photos by José Manuel Pérez Romero

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