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Price list in Italian lire and Spanish pesetas, reserved to Export

May 1991. Super-8 products.

25 per cent discount for professional dealers (prices marked with asterics are intended net, dealer discount not aplicable items). 

Crating of professional projectors and accesories is charged extra, while crating of remaining equipment is included in basic price.

Prices of optionals is understood to be an additional cost covering labor, the added component or the replacement of a basic component with another one having different characteristics.

Shall a projector be ordered without one of its basic components, a new quotation must be asked for, since price reduction might no correspond to the price of the component as it is reported in the spare part list. 

Fotografía de la línea de montaje Fumeo aportada por Marco Sonetti

Fumeo S.p.A. 

Via Teocrito, 47.

20128 MILANO, Italia. 

Fumeo U.K.

253c Ditchling Road

Brighton E. Sussex BN1 6JD

Dealers in Spain: Suministros Kelonik, Negra Industrial and IB Cinema


9119  Magnetic reading, projection lamp ESC 24V/200W dychroic, zoom lens Isco or Schneider f 1.2 15.5-28 mm.  Two speed: 18 & 24 f.p.s. with asynchronous motor; forward/reverse run: arms for 750 meters reels. Amplifier 25Wrms (35W max)/8ohm. Built-in 6W speaker. AC-power 200-250 V/50Hz

Price LIT: 2.950.000  Price pesetas: 250.000

Optional Optical reading: LIT: 420.000

9145 XENON 2000. Lamp house for 500W xenon lamp with metallic electroformed reflector; zoom lens Isco or Schneider f 1.2 12-30 mm. Async motor 18-24 fps. Forward/reverse run; arms for 2.200 meters reels with 2 take-up motors. It must operate with external lamp power supply 9596. Optical and Magnetic readings. 30 Wrms (40Wmax)/8ohm amplifier, built-in monitor speaker. AC power 200_250V/50Hz.  WITHOUT: 9596 lamp power supply and 500W xenon lamp, audience speaker

Price LIT 9.680.000  Price pesetas: 822.800

9131  8-S8 Telecine projector. MAG reading. Forward and reverse operation. Variable speed from 5 to 35 FPS. Fixed speed 18/24/25/30 FPS. Twin DC motors video syncronous with auto change oven on AC frenquency on absence of vide input. Still frame. Frame by frame operation. 150W 12W projection lamp. Stereo audio preampl. Suitable for PAL/SECAM/NTSC. Price LIT: 9.600.000

OPTIONS FOR SUPER 8MM PROFESSIONAL PROJECTORS (to be requested at time of order of projector)

9180 Application of sync drive motor 24 speed or 25 fps. LIT 460.000

9181 Aplication of stereo mag. head, switched output. Price LIT 450.000 Price pesetas: 38.250

9182 Stereo Mag head with 2 indipendent preamp output 0 db/600 Ohm.  Price LIT: 630.000   Price pesetas:  40162

4421 500W reflector, rhodium. Price LIT: 520.000

4426 500W reflector, cold light. Price LIT: 580.000

Fotografía aportada por Marco Sonetti


9596 Power Supply for 500W xenon lamp for 9145.  Price LIT: 2.378.000

9721  Audiencie speaker 25Wpp/8ohm in wooden case, 20 meter cable. Price LIT: 190.000


6400  Reel 240m, plastic type.  Price LIT: 7.000

6481  Reel 550m, plastic.  Price LIT: 22.000

6467 Rewinder for un to 800m reel, clamp type. Price LIT: 240.000


9504 Stand, collapsible, 2 shelves for 9119. Price LIT: 140.000

9517 Stand, collapsible, 2 shelves, on castor. Price LIT: 280.000

9507 Stand. heavy duty, on castors. Price LIT: 470.000

9508 Stand, professional on castors, for 9145. Price LIT: 650.000


6463 Splicer Catozzo, plastic. Price LIT: 50.000

6421 Splicer Catozzo, metallic. Price LIT: 66.000

6468 Splicer Catozzo, professional. Price LIT: 580.000


6209  Case projector 9119.   Price LIT: 150.000

6472  Case for two reels 550m plastic type. Price LIT: 20.000

6459  Case for two reels 550m alluminium type. Price LIT: 26.000

6470 Case for two reels 750m alluminium type. Price LIT: 38.000


41140 zoom f. 1.2 12-30 mm Schneider Price LIT: 320.000 Pesetas:27.200

41141 zoom f 1.1 11-30 mm Isco Cinelux Price LIT: 420.000 Pesetas: 35.700

4106  Fixed focus     f 1.3  20 mm Price LIT: 132.000 

4108  Long distance f 1.4  50 mm  Price LIT: 265.000

4110  Long distance f 1.4  40 mm Price LIT: 265.000

4159  Anamorphic E8 2X   Price LIT: 480.000  Pesetas: 40.800

6001  Holder for anamorphic lens. Price LIT: 70.000  Pesetas: 4.462


4663 Exciter lamp 6V/10W   Price LIT: 16.000  Pesetas: 1.000

4670 Projection lamp 200W/24  ESC code for super 8. Price LIT: 40.000  Pesetas: 3.400

4655 Xenon 500W horizontal Osram Price LIT:  608.000

Fotografía aportada por Marco Sonetti

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