martes, 5 de enero de 2021

COVID CHRISTMAS , the shooting.

This rainy and sad Christmas season, when I left work daily, around six in the afternoon, on the days that it was not raining, I was shooting different parts of my city, with hand-held camera, with a colour film that some say is very bad , the reversible AGFA Aviphot in polyester.

In my opinion, there is no bad film, but all color rendering and grain has its use for a certain purpose of the story to shoot. For "COVID Christmas" I chose the sad colors, and the coarse grain, of the Aviphot, to reflect the saddest Christmas I can remember, without joy, with merchants and shops almost in bankrupt and many people with diminished income. 

Film will be processed by Riccardo Pascucci in Rome. Camera was my beloved Fujica ZC1000 mostly with the small Fujinon 5.5 mm EBC wideangle lens, but with some takes with the standard 7.5-75 mm lens.

In the series of short films called "COVID", each type of film stock, as usual in my filmography, is part of the language. The intimacy of family life, with strongly outdated Kodak Vision-2 500, in "COVID-19 Phase O" (during lockdown, the family life and values like solidarity were reinforced, with homemade faceshields to give away for free in ambulatory health centers. While the hypochondriac freelancer drives to work, he hears the coronavirus symptoms in the radio... that make him feel sick!)

COVID-19 PHASE 0 from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

The vivifying colours of Kodak Vision 50, for "COVID-19 Phase III", shot in June 2020 when we already believed that the nightmare was over and life returned to normal. How wrong we were!

COVID-19 PHASE III from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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