jueves, 28 de enero de 2021


 I have a special relationship with the Eumig 940 Multiprocessor Stereo projector. It is the first good projector that I bought, when I was a student at the University, at the Arpí store on the Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​where Mr. Noya allowed me to pay it in monthly installments. 

With the 940 I did my first complex soundtrack with stereophonic sound, for the experimental "Universita ... what?" (1981) --shot with my Fuji ZC1000, still with me and in use today!-:


UNIVERSITA...¿QUÉ? (1981) from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

Later, I would stop using it, in favor of other more practical projectors, but I always had it there, because I enjoy looking at it (with its spectacular control console and, above all, its gigantic digital frame counter). 

Over time, I got to buy another two units used but in mint pristine condition (one of them now owned by my good friend Alex) and another, defective unit, to cannibalize for parts in the future.


A few days ago, I decided to get one of my two Eumig 940s ready for occasional use in the HAL9000 room at IB Cinema. I cleaned and oiled it carefully, as well as adjusted the speed regulator with the Renzo Stroboscopic Device. 

When I was ready, I tested it with "Django" when suddenly, a loud noise started to be heard. I stopped the projection, extracted the film difficultally (one of the drawbacks of this projector is that it cannot be unthread) and I saw with horror what had happened: the worn gear had broken!!! 

Fixing this is an operation of major surgery, impossible for me to do. Good thing Alex volunteered to do it !!!

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