lunes, 11 de enero de 2021


In the golden age of the Super-8, after the big Japanese brands, known to all, the first of the smaller brands was Sankyo, manufacturer of cameras and projectors slightly above average in terms of performance, but not outstanding, although sold at advantageous prices. 

Among its projectors, there was one that stood out above the rest, the Sankyo 800 Stereo, especially notable when purchased with the optional very high-quality f 1.0 15-30 mm lens. Another day I will write about the Sankyo 800 Stereo with a 1.0 lens: just to say that it is a very compact projector, kind with movies, with good sound, durable heads (the same as the much more expensive Elmo GS1200), easy to unthread, it can transferring sound from track to track without the need for any external cables and it is reliable both mechanically and electronically. It didn't fail me once in more than thirty years!, even though I often use it to test movies.

This weekend, a friend found in the storage room of his home, still in its original box!!!, a Sankyo 800 Stereo projector (with the standard 1.4 lens), which had belonged to his dad, although it was never was used or, even, opened. 

The machine is still with the factory seal!

My dear friend Paco, aware of my interest for everything related to Super-8, he gave it to me for free!!! 

It's always a pleasure to opened something brand new  even if it was made 44 years ago! This is a Sankyo 800 prior to the one I already own because it lacks fuses and the safety screw for the lamp compartment: it is, therefore, a Sankyo 800 from the first batch, from 1977 or 1978. Plugged it into the mains, everything works the first time!!!, without even hearing strange noises in the amplifier, as usually happen with the Elmos. 

Thank you, dear Paco: I have now an excellent back up machine for my Sankyo 800, for the next 40 years.

On the rear, my Sankyo 800 with 1.0 lens

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