jueves, 14 de enero de 2021


Foto Loly, the only independent shop that sells Kodak products in my city, La Coruña (in the NorthWest of Spain), is located right in front of the first Zara store in the world, on Juan Flórez street, from which Amancio Ortega started the INDITEX empire from zero 30 years ago. In this emblematic place can be found one of the only two Kodak backlits signs in the city.  In the three decades that Kodak's backlit sign has been there, the formerly "yellow colossus", from being the yellow giant and a star value on Wall Street, has almost gone into irrelevance to the general public, just the opposite of Zara (Inditex): and they are separated by only one street!

I was shooting here early this month, for my shortmovie COVID CHRISTMAS, with the Fujica ZC1000 loaded with AGFA Aviphot 200 poliester film. Cartridges are now in the post in the way to Rome, Italy, for the processing by Riccardo Pascucci.

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