lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2019


I have used my original SMPTE film stripe, purchased many years ago in Spondon Film Services, from England, to check my projectors: steadiness  (jump and wave), aperture alignment, double exposure alignment, shutter adjustment (travel ghost), framing accommodation, focus, resolution and field flatness.
The original film stripe is not too large in lenght, so, to provide continous projection of the test film, I thread the film through the projector, then join the two ends to form a continuous loop.
Unfortunately, my original SMPTE was printed in colour stock non low fade and today is gone red. 
But friend Luigi Petrin, from Italy,  made a new SMPTE film stripe in genuine black and white stock even with an IB Cinema logo! Well done, Luigi! Film world need enthusiast people like you! The shooting was made using our beloved Fujica ZC1000, the best ciné camera ever made. 
SMPTE is the acronym of Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

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