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At the end of the seventies, Dr. Van Tetering developed the Cineavision system to obtain anamorphic prints in 16 mm and Super-8 without the slight cropping at the lower and upper ends of the picture area (although it that it was already taken into account by cinematographers with knowledge of their craft).

The Animex prints were made to use in projection the normal x2 compression anamorphic lens, but with black pillars on the sides of the frame that allowed the projection aspect ratio to be correct.

Several majors, including Universal, distributed cartoons and digests with the Cineavision anamorphic system and even the feature film "2001: an Odyssey in Space".

In 1983, suddenly, Dr. van Tettering passed away, when he had already signed the distribution contract for the feature film West Side Story with United Artist. The films in Cineavision already printed and the distribution rights for the subsequent ones passed into the hands of the German distributor Dietrich Kempski, from Scoptimax, distributor of Fumeo in Germany.

Kempski's first release was West Side Story, in its full version of 155 minutes distributed in 9 reels, although finally the copies were made not in Cineavision 1: 2.35 but in normal Scope of 1: 2.66

If we do not considerate the only 4 prints of Forbidden Planet  in Scope, West Side Story has gone down in history as the highest optical quality feature film made in Super-8 CinemaScope by an American laboratorie (whose standards were, for this format, lower than those of British laboratories).

In 1983, despite being doing "internships" (then the term "stagiaire" in Spanish --becario- did not exist), in the newspaper La Vanguardia, Barcelona, ​​writing in Cinema 2002 and being head of activities at the  Sant Jordi College, my small pockets didn't allow me to buy a feature film in Super-8.

For this reason, I had to limit myself to seeing the mentions of this film in Movie Maker magazine, which I usually readed in the Delmiro de Caralt public library.

Decades later, a French member of the Super 8mm  group (the largest on Facebook), Vincent Lehoux, who obtained one of these Kempski prints at a ridiculous price in his country, sold it to me at the same price it cost him, so, very, very cheap. Vincent wasn't looking to make money from me, in gratitude for everything I do for Super-8. Thanks a lot!!!Vincent, not only for your generous gesture, but for the work of recognizing my work.

As soon as the "chest" arrived, I projected the first reel: the picture quality is amazing and, since it is a positive struck in LPP stock, the colours are perfect. Physical condition is mint too: leaders and tails intact, no single scratch. The print is with French soundtrack. I will take advantage of the next coronavirus lockdown to synchronize the audio in Spanish from the DVD.

Again, thank you Vincent, for embodying the spirit that Super 8mm members should have: helping others without losing money, but not thinking in doing business .

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