martes, 1 de diciembre de 2020


The secrets of the underworld of collecting films in Super-8, 16 mm and 35 mm, with obtaining rare positives for private use in the dark side of the film industry, sometimes makes us film collectors live adventures of all kinds in the sites more unsuspected.

I reveal all secrets about this activity  in a three-pages article in the current issue of SilverGrain Classics  magazine (next week on sale),  a kind of international bible of the photochemical world in which digital is forbidden.

This quarterly magazine is printed on luxurious quality paper on the best printing-press, and bounded, with Teutonic craftmanship, as if it were a book. Each issue is intended to be collected in a library, with articles of eternal interest that can be enjoyed both now and in the future.

Although edited in Germany, it is published in the modern Esperanto... which is English!   The magazine is sold in the main airports and movie stores accross the world, but due to the pandemic, it is recommended to order it directly from the publisher.

For those who are interested in the subject of film collecting, now that Christmas is approaching, it is not a bad idea to ask Santa for the classic book on the subject, "A Thousand Cuts" written by Jeff Joseph.

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