lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2019


We have already had occasion to refer several times to the inventive genius of Matteo Richetti, a kind of Leonardo Da Vinci of audiovisual world with a rare virtue: he combines, in the same person, the most extensive knowledge of photochemical technology with those of the digital world.
Now, Matteo surprises us again with his latest invention: THE RICHETTI TELECINEMA MARK II,  the world's first telecine that, in real time, sprocketless, is capable of digitizing Super-8 to 6K.

Like its previous model, the nes Richetti Telecinema, fully designed and built by Matteo (including grain reduction software!), advances the film continuously, without the need for an intermittent mechanism. Each frame is "stopped" in the window optically, with a flash of light. With this system, there is no "pull down" in the film and can be digitized even if the film have broken perforations.
Sample with Kodak Vision 50: 
nega_50 from Matteo Ricchetti on Vimeo.
Picture quality is out-of-this-world, in terms of definition, with a lot of detail in shadows and richness of colour even with reversal emulsions, much harder to scan than the negatives of the Vision series.
Sample with reversal Kodachrome, 40 years old: 
6k_first from Matteo Ricchetti on Vimeo.
The demonstration videos have been down to HD quality so they can be uploaded to the Internet.
Matteo: where is your limit? No limits for you! 
Great and unique Italian genius!

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