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The most iconic camera for the Super-8 is, without a doubt, the Beaulieu 4008. And it will continue to be so in the future as it has an advantage over other top models: it is very easy to repair, so the service, for the 4008 , is guaranteed not only for the next 5 years, but for another 5 decades. On the other hand, other top Super-8 cameras such as the Nizo Professional, the Leicina Special or the Canon 1014 XLS, brilliantly designed, have in their sophisticated electronics, now obsolete, the seed of its self destruction.

In addition to the beauty of its design and the ease of service, the Beaulieu 4008 also offers everything a professional Super-8 filmmaker can demand, such as  variable shutter and  interchangeable C-mount. One of the headaches, in the past, of this model, the rechargeable batteries, has been overcome long ago, with new generation batteries, such as the Eneloop from Panasonic.

For hand-hold shooting, without a tripod, as I do most of my filming, very happy with the ergonomic handgrip of my Fujica ZC1000 from Single-8, the Beaulieu 4008 had the problem, for me,  of its mini grip. 

Well, this problem is a thing of the past now, too: is in production, again, the extension of the hand-grip, which allows a more comfortable grip. In addition, it has a side tripod thread, useful for certain uses. However, its best feature is that, thanks to this new accessory, it is the now much more comfortable to shoot this camera hand-held, without a tripod. 

The original small hand-grip of the Beaulieu 4008 also compromises the camera when it comes to shooting with a tripod. This is not the case with the ZC1000, whose grip can be detached. This new tripod shooting accessory for the Beaulieu, never before available, dramatically improves the stability of the 4008. 

The new stabilizer accessory for tripod shooting  is installed around the original grip, oversizing it, making the filming now perfect. We've had to wait 50 years, but finally, someone has designed the ideal accesorie for the Beaulieu 4008. Best of all, it can also be removed in less than half a minute, 

The maker of this new two accesories for the Beaulieu handgrip can be reached here: TESTED SUPER-8 CAMERAS  . I´m customer from this company for more than 15 years!

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