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The Single-8 cartridge, which uses Super-8 film, has a better design than the Super-8 itself since it has parallel axes, so that it can be rewound along its entire length, and allows the metal pressure plate to be found in the camera. In addition, the Single-8 cartridge is the one used by the Fujica ZC1000, the best motion picture camera ever designed and manufactured which, at this point in history, will retain this honor forever.

Kodak Ektachrome slide of my own Single-8 cartridges loded with Ektachrome film by myself: NOT FOR SALE, sorry
One of the drawbacks of single-8 is the absence, in Europe, of film (except those that, such me, filmmakers recharge by themselves). This issue has been resolved thanks to the Italian laboratory BOTTEGA ANALOGICA, owned by Riccardo Pascucci, is selling already Single-8 film WITH PROCESSING INCLUDED IN THE PRIC. You can know the prices in this link:  SINGLE-8 PRICES ENCLOSED PROCESSING  

With Kodak Vision film, SELF LOADED BY MYSELF, in Single-8 cartridges, I shot one of my most successful music videos with the ZC1000,  published by Kodak in his Facebook:

LA NOCHE DE SAN JUAN - Pleasant Dreams. SUPER-8 KODAK from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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