miércoles, 29 de abril de 2020


Now that I have finished ordering the film archive of features in Super-8, and before dealing with the extensive 35mm archive, I an starting with the 16mm archive, a long overdue task.
One film, with tow bases!
Reviewing "Meteor", which I keep in a big film reel, I discover that this anamorphic positive, half of the film is in polyester base with good color but the other half is in faded Eastman triacetate base, which I will have to send to Italy for treatment with the ORS chemical substractive system ; at the same time Movie Magnetic will apply the magnetic stripse for the sound in Spanish (the optical track  is in English).
I check this kind of 16 mm features, in big reels, not with a xenon projector. I check with the Fumeo 9271 VIP 1.500 with 2.000 meters reels arms, very cheap to run, with halogen lamp. 

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