lunes, 27 de abril de 2020


A Super-8 cinema projector fascinates to the smallest of the family... but not only them!, with its purring, its toothed wheels and the spinning reels. 
When projecting with a quality machine, watching a super-8 movie on the big screen, especially when using top quality emulsions, is an unforgettable experience impossible to emulate with aseptic digital projection.

The arrival of  Kodak Ektachrome film for  Super-8,  in 2018,  has reactivated interest in the direct projection of reversal originals.
My next article in SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS will be about this subjet.
SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS is the must-have magazine published in English lenguage, printed in Germany in luxury glossy paper, for anyone linked to the photo chemical technology as art or industry. 
The magazine is internationally distribuited in big cities (New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London...) and international airports libraries, but also sold by subscription in the address:

Where to buy Super-8 items?:

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