miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2020


The Fumeo Super-8 mm professional projector have such technical characteristics, that make them unique on the worldwide market: 16 mm machines converted to Super-8 mm but with the same mechanical and electronic characteristics of their 16 mm equivalents.
Fumeo anamorphic
One of this Fumeo machines is the Fumeo 9119, also prepared to accept anamorphic lens holders, Fumeo made,  for projection in CinemaScope or Iscorama, holding the scope lens in few seconds.

Kowa compact anamorphic
I have decided to install one of these 9119 in the HAL 9000 room of IB Cinema and now I have to decide what anamorphic I incorporate: the little Kowa Compact or the great Fumeo. Surely, I will opt for the little one because, in addition, it focuses at 1.5 meters, compared to the 2 meters of the Fumeo branded anamorphic.
Kowa compact anamorphic


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