martes, 11 de febrero de 2020


I love Fumeo projectors because the mechanical part can be easily repaired by someone like me, who is not a technician. There are issues, however, in which one needs to go to a professional, as in the case of a breakdown in the amplifier. Recently, my friend José Manuel Pérez Romero managed to repair my Fumeo 9119 amplifier thanks to a scheme that, from Italy, was provided by Italian friend Marco.
Marco´s Super-8 Fumeo 9145 "pedestal" stereo version
The amplifier that carries the 9119 is shared by other models, such as 9271, 9139, 9145 and 9315.
With Marco's permission, I reproduce the scheme to be useful to Fumeo enthusiasts.
I share several passions with Marco: among them, owning the most extraordinary Super-8 machine ever manufactured: the Fumeo 9145. Marco's 9145 is the largest version of all: with pedestal!, naturally converted to stereo sound in factory.
If someone wants to turn his monophonic Fumeo into a stereo machine, Marco has 10 original heads that read the two magnetic tracks. The price is 220 euros + VAT (per unit).
If someone is interested in one or two of this stereo heads, the email of Marco (write him only in Italian!, please) is:
Only 10 stereo heads left!

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