miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2020


The craziest splicing system for Super-8 film could only have emerged in the late sixties in the fiendishly of the wizards of Wien: the Eumig Chemo Splicer (also available for 8mm), with its caractheristic"tooth of sierra ", always visible in projection! (because the madness of its sawtooth cut that invade part of two frames).

I bought my ECS splicer when I was twelve years old but I never liked the system, until a few years ago! Now I use it when I want to make a slightly special transition between two sequences

A splicer like this could only have been invented in the 1960s, sprung from the diabolical mind of a Teutonic scientist from Austria. In his day, as a child, the Eumig Chemo Splicer splicer cost a fortune (5,500 pesetas in 1972), and  me, of course, was not at all happy with sawtooth cut). 

However, currently, with vintage in full swing, these crazy sawtooth splices, from the mythical Eumig (in those times the most important company in Austria), are a reflection of an era, so I try to sneak some into almost all my documentaries, as a nod to all of us who grew up with the super-8 and knowing that they will go unnoticed by the vast majority of viewers. After making the ECS splice, I reinforce it with another invisible one from Fujifilm.

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