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WHICH SUPER-8 PROJECTORS TO BUY? A great stereophonic projector for small pockets. (Part 3 of 10)

What stereophonic projector to buy if your budget is limited? Or if your wife only allows you to have a small machine at home?, as happened to my friend Tak Kohyama, the C.E.O. of the largest film laboratory in Asia, Retro Enterprises (firm that keeps Fuji´ single-8 system alive reloading commercially cartridges even with the best reversal colour American film).  When I visited him at his home a few years ago, I was able to check his choice, the Fujicascope SD15 Stereo,  with the optional zoom. 1.0 Fujinon 14-28 mm. 

For those who have a wife who does not like motion picture gadgets, or who have little space at home, or small pockets with little cash to spend, but, at the same time, are looking for a good, reliable, small, stereophonic projector, and with great recording possibilities, they have in the Fujicascope SD15 the answer. 

If the Super-8mm movie film has magnetic coating in both edges, then, machines like the  Fujicascope SD15 is capable of separate recording and playback on each of these two tracks. It permits independent and simultaneous mixing playback and stereo playback with easy. 

Very compact with high performances

The Fujicascope SD15 is equipped with a high fidelity amplifier with maximum output of 15W + 15W, with sufficient power to give a concert-hall presence. 

High class glass: optional 1.0 Fujinon zoom

Although its lamp is only 12 V 100 W, the luminosity can be good if its original 1.3 15-25 mm lens, of average quality,  is replaced by the optional Fujinon f 1.0 14-28 mm, which takes full advantage of the lamp because, as happen in almost all Fuji, the pull down movement of the claw is very fast. Also available a high fidelity zoom lens f 1.2 of 21-5 -43 mm. 

The sound recording capabilities are excellent and it has fine variable speed adjustment (+-1 frame), so important to synchronize the audio in feature films from digital sources that are at 25 frames per second. This projector, has also a slow drive system permitting forward and backward feed for accurate picture sound positioning.  This machine is equipped with a high performance servo motor for exceptional speed stability: the is the prime technical prerequisite for true high fidelity.

Sound transfer of track, even in superposition, is very easy with this machine, without loss of quality, using the dubbing connector plug stored under the lamp house cover. Recording level can be controlled manueally, using the excellent VUmeter, or it can be switched to auto level control. 

This small machine has even "public address" function: when a microphone is plugged into the P.A. jack the projector can be used a a public address system amplifier, even with narration being add while sound films are projected, with volume for public address adjusted independent of the playback control knobs. 

Other feature of this projector is the ease with which a partially-run film can be unthreaded.

INDESTRUCTIBLE. The Sendust-type magnetic heads, for recording and playback, provide superior sound quality and, compared to Permalloy magnetic heads in other Japanese projectors, are virtually indestructibles. Another advantage of this model is that you do not need to take it to a technician to change the belt: its access is very easy, simply by removing the rear cover.

Easy change of the belt


A clone Of this machine can be found, very cheaply, in many countries like Yelco 630 and, in Germany, like Porst 215 (with digital LED VUmeters). Fujicascope projectors and its clones were built in Japan by Yamawa, a joint venture between Fujifilm, Xerox and another company. 


Cheap 12 v 100 W lamp with ultra fast pull down claw movement. High/Low intensity switch for the lamp. Fine variable speed adjustment. 4 digit counter coupled with a recording memory device. Compact size: 227 x 250 x 190 mm, with 8.3 kg.

Fujinon 1.0 zoom in the cheap Porst 215 version, with LED VUmeters

In this series of ten articles, a digest of the one published in the international magazine SilverGrain Classics, are described the most interesting projectors to buy, depending on the use they will be put to. 
Originally published in SilverGrain Classics

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