miércoles, 3 de abril de 2019


Yesterday, I have received a little parcel from Austria, with the new Cine Assist device, designed and built by Bernhard Kippered, with Teutonic technology and craftmanship.

Now, I´m very bussy, but soon I will go to the electronic shop to buy a small box to put this interesting circuit than transform my Leicina Special in a cine camera for the XXI Century.  Bernhard will built soon versions for other cameras, as my beloved Fujica ZC1000, as this device could be used with any model with electromagnetic shutter. 

1) Cine Assist permit shot with time exposure function of Leicina Special
2) Start, stop and delay the film shoting automatically
3) Remote control the camera from my phone!
4) Record independent but still synchronized live sound, using the phone as a micro
5) Autonomously output digital data onto film
6) Create advanced time lapses and speed ramps.
The basic unit is only 115 € but I have the full features version quoted at 191 € , A MUST BE FOR EVERY FILMMAKER!
The email of Bernhard is:  bernhard.kipperer@gmx.at 
More information and videos, in the maker page: 

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  1. What projector do you use to project your Super8 with sound? Do you need a Super8 projector that will read optical sound or one that reads mag striped sound? Thank you