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Few days I ago, I have received my "new" Beaulieu 4008 from CBD, the small company run in Norway and Spain by César Ballesteros.  
As, over the years, I have purchased from CBD a lot of products (motorized slider with frame counter, time exposure machine for the Fujica Z800, etc.), I have waited the arrival of my "new" camera with full confidence because I know by experience the quality of craftmanship of César (delivery shipping was fast by UPS and the camera arrived very well packed).

4008 was always a sexy camera for men...
 My favourite camera is the Fujica ZC1000, and, just in second place, the Leicina Special and the Bauer A512, together.  I never have used a lot my Beaulieu 4008 because the troubles of the original batteries with cold weather.  A pity, because this model is iconic, for the Super-8 format, and sexy, too, with a lot of technical features important for me, as C mount, macro in any focal lenght (with the Schneider 6-66) and extra clear viewfinder.  
...and now for women too.
This trouble with the original batteries is fully solved now because César sell each camera with a brand new state of art Panasonic batteries. The camera is, also, fully revised in a technical service, with details as a new cover in the grip base,  missing in the original model built by Beaulieu!   
New cover in the grip!
The price, with new batteries, new charger and a full revision of the camera, is a bargain, at 450 € only.
Yesterday, I have tested the camera with the half of a Kodak Tri X cartridge. I will process this film this week, in RetroLab Cinema in Spain. Film runs smoothly, sweetly. 

Tested with Tri X

The Eneloop battery has been developed with a sustainable concept and with the idea of taking care of the environment. They are fully charged at the time of purchase (with solar energy: well done César!) and can be recharged up to 2,100 times. Eneloop lose their charge slowly, which means they can be used longer than standard alkaline batteries. In addition, they still retain 70% of their original capacity after 10 years. In the case of the CBD adaptation, the performance of the batteries is further increased as they are the Eneloop Pro, designed for intense professional use.
New charger special for Enelop batteries enclosed in the price

My first impression of the CBD Eneloop Pro batteries is very satisfactory and taken care of to the point that they even come with their own Beaulieu sticker.
The termination is of the highest quality, with original Beaulieu threads, and each set is supplied with a quick charger (full recharge in less than an hour).
These CBD Eneloop batteries, in addition to their unbeatable technical qualities, are 930 mAh, compared to 800 of their immediate competitors (inexplicably, much more expensive)

Kodak Tri X for the test.

The manufacture of this revised Beaulieu 4008 cameras is limited so it is important that interested filmmakers immediately write to César (in Spanish, English, Norwegian or Swedish) to:
Thanks, César! Finally, I can take advantage of the Beaulieu 4008!

I´m so happy that I bought from César 3 more batteries. So, I have now two Beaulieu 4008 (one from CBD), and 4 Eneloop batteries. 
The Facebook page of CBD for Beaulieu cameras and batteries is:

35 mm Ektachrome slide shot by Alex López, also a owner of one of these Beaulieu 4008 CBD
Test, processed in less than 12 hours by Retrolab Cinema  , in Spain, fully free: 

BEAULIEU 4008 "CBD REFURBISHED" TEST from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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