viernes, 3 de enero de 2020


Last Friday, when Alex brought his new Beaulieu 4008 to IB Cinema, I was amazed by the quality of the refurbishing: the camera looked flawless, with the filter removed and, unlike my old 4008, the image through the viewfinder looked clean and crystal clear (in my viewfinder, there is some fog effect).
As, on the other hand, I already know the quality of the new CBD batteries (with Panasonic Eneloop components), I decided to self-gift to me a new Beaulieu 4008 because the price,  fully refurbished, and with Panasonic batteries, is only 449 €
First class refurbshing job, with old filter removed
The camera has arrived today!!!, just in time for the gifts of the Magi. In Spain, at Christmas, gifts are distributed on two dates: the least important, on the morning of December 25, and the most important, on January 6, the feast of the Magi. 
I have already loaded the Beaulieu with a Kodak Vision 500 film cartridge and on Monday, when I pick it up at the Christmas Tree, I will try my new camera with film. 
For the moment, what I see, I like very much: like Alex's, the camera  run very smooth and I am very pleased with how crystalline the image looks in the viewfinder. 
Thanks, Cesar, by the fast delivery. 
The camera arrived very well packed, with ecological bags (this is, for me, very important). 
Soon, more information.
Ecological bags
Alex and his new Beaulieu camera:
The Facebook page of CBD for Beaulieu cameras with Panasonic batteries is:

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