viernes, 12 de junio de 2020


Watching a projection of a Super8 film has an almost campfire-like feeeling: it´s purring sound, dinstintive smell, spinning reels and flickering light make any movie night an Occasion. Projecting a Super8 film with a top-quality machine onto a big screen is an unforgettable experience, especially compared to an antiseptic digital projection or the ubiquitous streaming an an LCD tv. 
The arrival of Kodak Ektachrome film for Super8 in 2018 reactivated  the direct projection of reversal originals.
"THE SUPER8 PROJECTOR OF YOUR DREAMS" is the title of my last article in SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS magazine (issue 7): a four-pages job of tight text and glorious illustrations
SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS magazine is sold in professional photography and film stores, as well as in international airport bookstores. Naturally, it can be obtained by courier or mail by buying it directly, even single numbers, from the publisher at this link:

Nothing better than my editor, Charys Schuler, who combines her passion as a violinist at the Frankfurt Radio Symphony symphony, with her work as a model, photographer and writer, to present this essential issue of SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS, with a special reference to the article I wrote:
SilvergrainClassics Issue 7 from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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