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The magazine in English, edited in Germany, SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS, is the international reference for photochemical technology in its application by industry and the arts.
A delight to receive issue 7 of SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS, in an extremely rigid envelope, necessary to protect the interior: a hundred-page tome, luxuriously printed on the best four-color printing process on glamorous touch paper.
The magazine and a Kodak Super8 cartridge with the Fujicascope SH30 projector, with 1.0 lens, and in the background, the Fumeo 9119
Each new issue of SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS is a marvel to collect, as it contains a multitude of items of undying interest, which will continue to be relevant for years to come. 
"New" projector made by Pro 8mm
For this reason, the magazine is bound like a book: it is to collect copies edition after edition, and keep them, for your consultation, in a prominent place on the bookshelves of home or the business
In this issue, apart from the portfolios Chuck Davis, Tim Rudman, Herr Merzi, Nathalie Daoust, Lenny Foster and Valentín Rizvan, not two, not five, not eight, but eleven technical articles!!! like in-depth studies of the Fuji GW690II or the Leica range from R4 to R7 or everything anyone should know about Super-8 projectors: it's my four-page job of tight text and glorious illustrations "The Super8 Projector of Your Dreams ".
In the two pictures, two French jewels.
SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS magazine is sold in professional photography and film stores, as well as in international airport bookstores. Naturally, it can be obtained by courier or mail by buying it directly, even single numbers, from the publisher at this link: https://silvergrainclassics.com/en/
Fumeo 9145 stereo with 500W lamp: the biggest Super-8 projector ever made.
Nothing better than my editor, Charys Schuler, who combines her passion as a violinist at the Frankfurt Radio Symphony symphony, with her work as a model, photographer and writer, to present this essential issue of SILVERGRAIN CLASSICS, with a special reference to the article I wrote:
SilvergrainClassics Issue 7 from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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