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In issue 7 of the international magazine published in Germany in the English language Silvergrain Classics (link to the editorial:  https://silvergrainclassics.com/en/ ) - available from this month in the best airports, as well as in professional establishments of photography and cinema (of course, also by post or courier) - my tightly written four-page article takes a detailed look at the best Super-8 projectors for the discerning filmmaker who wants to get the best out of projection of the wonderful Kodak Ektachrome reversal film.
One of these projectors is the Braun Visacustic 2000 Digital, with stereo sound. More than 40 years after its commercialization, the Braun Visacustic still attracts attention for its exterior design (which seduced Steve Jobs himself. He ordered two units of the 2000 Digital in Lee's Cameras, in 1983, which were personally delivered to him in his house in Belgravia by Martin Lee himself).
However, the best of Visacustic is inside:
1) rear pressure (in the lamp side), as in the Beaulieu (which allows project film with different thickness without the need to correct the focus);
2) speeds of 16 2/3 and 25 f.p.s., in addition to the normal ones, as well as fine adjustment of cadence;
3) easy unthreading of a parcially projected film;

4) very fast pull down of the claw (for maximum light output of the 150 W lamp);
5) rounded edge projection frame;
6) swing open type lens holder; and
7) easy external electronic control, to enslave the machine with a Blu Ray reader or a quartz device.
The Braun Visacustic 2000 comes  with the famous Schneider f 1.1 11 - 30 mm. But few know that in Braun a female technique (called Eva?) tested the lenses individually, and the ones that did not meet the ideal characteristics were returned to the factory: that's why all projections with a Visacustic 2000 look so sharp!
A few weeks ago, I changed the pulley in my Visacustic 2000 (see the detail of the operation here: https://mimundoensuper-8.blogspot.com/2020/01/braun-visacustic-2000-digital-como.html. ). Now, with the coronavirus lockdown, it is time to do general maintenance, which included:
a) the placement of a new socket for the lamp;
b) cleaning in deep of the magnetic heads; and
c) general lubrication with silicone grease for food-machines use, which never dries.
Very happy with the result because now my Braun Visacustic 2000 is ready for another 40 years of service ... although I will have to reach a hundred years to enjoy it!

I always recommend the same store that use Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee or J.J. Abrams, among other big names of film industry: Pro 8 mm, in Los Ángeles.
The owner, Phil, is the inventor of the Max-8 format, which provides aformat of almost 1.85, instead of the traditional Academic one with standard Super-8 film.
Staff speaks Spanish too, and the shipping to Europe takes only 3 days!:

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