viernes, 27 de mayo de 2022


Great, Marco!  He can supply new parts and spare parts for Fumeo projectors! Although the amplifier of my Fumeo 9145, the colossal super-8 projector with xenon 500 W lamp and capacity for 2,200 meters of film ( CLICK HERE), works perfectly, since José Manuel is making the 35-year maintenance on the projector, I decided buy from Marco a new amplifier, with newly manufactured components -including the sliders!-, so that the machine will be operational until its next maintenance in the year 2057.

The 30W Fumeo amplifier is, in fact, the one used in the Fumeo 9315 for 16 mm, so to adapt it to the 9145's (with stereophonic head) it needs a series of modifications that my great friend José Manuel is making with total efficiency.

Working in progress!

Brand new amplifier with stereo outputs

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