lunes, 11 de febrero de 2019


Recently, my young friend Alex needed to change the drive belts of one of his Super-8 projectors. He was looking in various sellers on Internet to buy a set but prices, including delivery, was around 20 euro! 
So, I will tell him a secret to save a nice amount of money (that was revelaid me, years ago, by the lone wolf José Manuel, the Spaniard McGuiver of Super-8):  Super-8 drive belts can be purchased locally and almost for nothing in shops specialized in hidraulic mechanism parts. 
If you has the old drive belt, in the hidraulic shop easily sell you other identical belt. 
But, if the original belt is missing or melted, then,  you need to use a piece of string or wire to measure the total distance round the pulleys (using a cord, if other person help you to paint a marc, it will very nice).
Then, deduct approximately 10 per cent to allow the correct drive tension. 
Looking for the pulleys, you will to know if you need your belt flat, square or round.
(Photographs by a happy Alex).

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