martes, 1 de octubre de 2019


It is no secret that I am a firm defender, of a lifetime, of the Eumig Nautica camera, which, without underwater housing, can dive up to fifty meters deep in the ocean: it is very comfortable. For years, I didn't worry that I only filmed at 18 frames per second because it was the cadence I always used, but since the end of the last decade, when, due to digitalization, I started filming at 24 fps, I started looking for other alternatives .
In Switzerland, Bolex for years converted the Eumig Nautica to 24 f.p.s., changing its engine for that of the Eumig Mini 5 and leaving it fixed at this speed. But still the Nautica lack a servo motor for the diafragm, so, with waves, some oscillating expostion can happended
I was looking for something better, and finally I have achieved it: the underwater housing "Nautilus" (what a name!) built by Silma, in Italy, for several cameras of the Bauer range !!!, including my valued C900 with its fabulous 6-51 lens mm, designed in Switzerland, an optics that exceeds even the performance of the Schneider manufactured for Bauer.
Now, I can shot footage at great depths with great quality.

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