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If there is a movie that sums up my childhood that is "Super-8", shot with Kodak film, directed by J.J. Abrams and  produced by Steven Spielberg
It must be that, although they spent his chilhood in United States and me in this end of the Roman Empire that is La Coruña, in NW of Spain, we have a childhood with similar experiences, and even today, the three we are still hooked to Super-8 (Spielberg buy Super-8 film in Pro 8mm).

In the feature film, the magazine "Super-8 Filmaker" appears several times. Thanks to a subliminal message, we already know which camera is the favorite for J.J. Abrams: the Fujica ZC1000!
How do I know? 

Among all the covers of several years of "Super-8 Filmaker", which one does Abrams choose to display in the film? Just the issue where is the test report of the Fujica ZC1000! 
I still remember excited the day I bought it. Still with me. The camera too.

Fujica ZC1000 also is in a prominent place in the Spanish edition of "Manual de Cinematografia", a classic published in the ´80s by David Cheshire.
Thanks to friend Graham Ritchie for some of the photographs
After read this text in Super 8mm group in Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/27648968851/ ) Phil Vigeant, the owner of Pro 8mm in Hollywood, wrote this very interesting information: 
"During the making of this film the producer decided to scan the Super 8 film's made by many of the key filmmakers making the movie. We scanned the first Super 8 film's made by JJ Abrams and his staff . I was told that the first job JJ Abrams received in the film business was to help Steven Speilberg with the organizing and archiving of his own 8mm first film and if you go to the office of Mr Speilberg on his desk is his 8mm camera. We are all connected thru our the Super 8 experience"

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