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I was flying to Iceland, in order to embark for Greenland, when the newspaper "La Región", of Ourense (in Galicia, NW of Spain),  which for decades was the Spaniard daily with more subscribers abroad, published an extensive report about "Spitsbergen: The Guardian of the Arctic", the first documentary feature of the series Stop Global Warming, shot in Super-8-
I love that its author, the journalist Francisco Gil (connoisseur of craftsmanship and technical challenges involved in shooting with Super-8), qualifies me as "The guardian of climate change". Until now, for other newspapers, me was "the guardian of the cartoons"! Thanks Francisco.
In three pages,  with striking illustrations and tight prose,  the author explains in detail the project:  I was, in the Arctic, shocked by what I saw (sic): "when I saw the terrible retreat of the ice, seeing a famine polar bear with its cubs very few meters away and becoming aware that this world is disappearing. It changed my perception and my life, and I decided to allocate all the material that I had with me to shot a documentary documenting that dramatic situation. "
Francisco Gil (sic) writes: "Thus was born the idea of" Spitsbergen, the Guardian of theArctic", the first documentary in a series of thirteen entitled" Stop Global Warming "with which Benedetti wants to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the situation".
The report is very interesting because Francisco Gil describes in detail the process of shooting in Super-8, something unusual in the non-specialized, citing numerous brands (Kodak, Bauer, Eumig...) and telling anecdotes as my worried with X-rays at airports (which damage the photosensitive material) or the fact that the shooting tests were processed on board the icebreaker "Malmö" with Estrella Galicia beer.
Francisco Gil does not forget to conclude his report with a mention of the new project "Odyssey in Greenland": "At this time, Benedetti closes his suitcase to Greenland to shoot his second documentary:" I was thought to go to the Amazon, but the critical situation of the thaw In Greenland, he made us change the order of documentaries. The truth is that a drama is also happening in the Amazon. In reality, the drama of the weather begins to emerge in every corner of the planet. It is a clear symptom that we have very little time to avoid the great catastrophe. "

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