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Ten years ago, on the occasion of the closure of the last Kodachrome laboratory in the world, Dwayne's, in Parsons, Kansas, I filmed the short movie "2010: La Coruña en Super-8 Kodachrome", which at the time had a lot of worldwide repercussion and it was broadcast on various television stations.

  • Note:  When I filmed this short film, ten years ago this summer, like a lone wolf, without any help, and noticed the success it had on the Internet, with tens of thousands of viewers, appearances in national newspapers and television, I realized that Super-8 (which until then I used only for personal filming, such as family trips, birthdays, etc), I had a great future, thanks, paradoxically, to the digital world.  

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of this short movie, I set out to make the subtitles in English and I discovered, with horror! that the hard disk does not work. IB Cinema's computer technician, Herr Uther Manoferro, told me that it can't be fixed.

Good thing I keep the original master in Super-8 film! I just screened it, and it looks flawless. This is the reason why audiovisual documents, if the intention is to preserve them for posterity, must be preserved on film (even in the case that they have been generated in digital, such as, for example, "Toy Story").
Someday, I will re-scan this movie in 4 or 5 K. The "almost" HD quality of a decade ago, which we thought wonderful then, is now almost rubbish. 

For now, on the occasion of the anniversary, I have limited myself to adding the subtitles in English, made by Víctor A. Labarthe.
Here, with English subtitles, pressing the buttom: 
2010: A CORUÑA EN SUPER-8 KODACHROME from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.
More information about the Kodachrome system, whith exclusive photographs of the lab, in Spanish, here: http://ibcinema.com/ib2006/flicker/40.pdf

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