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Outside of Hollywood, in the exterior border, where are we the "poor men" of the film industry, without big budgets, it is quite an odyssey to be able to film in wide angle in anamorphic.

 With the Iscorama range (my favorite Scope system, since you only need to focus on the anamorphic and not the primary lens), in Super-8 it is usually only possible to reach 12 mm focal length (which is, more or less, the standard focal in this format) without vignetting. It is true that in Iscorama, with an anaphosis ratio of x1.5, 12 mm is equivalent to a moderate wide angle of about 8 mm, BUT only in width.

With the 10mm Leitz Cinegon and the Iscorama 36 the wide-angle equivalent of 6.6mm is achieved, but since it is only in width, sometimes, when shooting architectural ensembles, I have run into the problem of height.

Extrema wide angle anamorphic!, with the Century Precission attachment

  • How have I solved it?

To the Iscorama 36 anamorphic set with the Leitz Cinegon 10mm,  I add a Century Precission wide angle attachmebt so that I can get the equivalent of a 4.5mm wide angle in Iscorama!

With the Century Precission, to get the hightest sharpness, the primary lens, that is, the Leitz Cinegon, should have the macro slightly activated (just after the 4 of  0.4).

As the Century Precission weighs a quintal, and the Cinegon's barrel is too weak to hold the Iscorama 36 and the Century together, Mateu Bauzá, of Microdelta Balears,  reinforced the whole that, in the photograph, can be seen with the Fujica ZC1000.

Iscormama 54

Leica M mount of the Leitz Cinegon is screwed to the Fujica ZC1000 C mount via a custom made adapter made many years ago by CBD, with collimation made by http://www.microdeltabalears.com/castellano.htm  

Using the Century Precission C2040 (made in USA) wide angle attachment with the combination of Leitz Cinegon 10 mm and Iscorama 36, focus in the anamorphic must be in "infinite" and focus in Leitz Cinegon must be just after 0.4.

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