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The demand for the new  Kodak Ektachrome 7294 Super 8 motion picture film exceeded the most optimistic calculations. Wittner, in Germany, sold all its stock of more than 300 cartridges in just one day. In Spain, all the film supplied through EPC-Tu Contacto Cine (Alejandro Paino Capón) was already sold in advance. 
The new Kodak Ektachrome 7294 Super 8 motion picture film went on sale, in the European Union, last week: all the cartridges were sold in the same week!
The same happens in the United States: the new Kodak Ektachrome is sold out!!! 
Three days after the Argentinian film director Pablo César received five cartridges, in the Kodak laboratory in Atlanta (where he is processing his last 35 mm feature),   Steve Bellamy, president of Kodak Motion Pictures division,  told him: "Very few people have that stock. I´ve had some super famous directors and DP´s wanting and hand to tell them... we´re out" (sic).
This success does not surprise me. The new Ektachrome is a magnificent emulsion, with a very accurate color reproduction and a latitude of 3 stops, surprising for a reversal emulsion.
We hope, in view of the great acceptance, that Kodak can manufacture large series (perhaps millions of feet), with a view to that, with an economy of scale, the price can go down a little.

During November, Kodak will proceed to manufacture a new Súper8 motion picture batch, just in time for Christmas! Friends, write your wish letter for Santa Claus!
"Ferrol 7294" is the first documentary in the World shot with the new stock, processed by Marwan Mozayen, the editor of the luxury printed magazine in English:   Full article in the issue one, available now!
The full version of "Ferrol 7294", narrated in English and Spanish (and with subtitles indicating types of film: old Ektachrome, Provia, etc.) or process (push processing, etc), was seen by more than 50.000 spectators in just a week (half of spectators in United States!; one of them is the great Webster Colcord: "This is really cool, Ignacio! Thanks for doing the compararison between the stocks - very educational!) :

FERROL 7294 (First Kodak Ektachrome 100D 7294 Super8 4K ever) from IB CINEMA Motion Picture Films on Vimeo.

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