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FUMEO 9145 (part 2 of 5)

The Fumeo 9145 is of all-metal construction with the use of plastic limited to buttoms and switches. The body weighs, with arms, almost 43 kg., with the later power supply unit add another 9 kg. (non fully electronic power suppy is around 30 kg.)  In my projection booth, the power supply unit is the same used whether Super 8, 16 mm or 35 mm. 
The driving motor is an AC 4 poles one thant differs from the DC motors usually used in other 8 mm projectors. This one has proved fautless during 32 years of continuous use and it should last forever. 
My beloved friend Ángel Caro, in my projection booth
In addition, this Fumeo has another three motors: one in each arm and another one for the blower fan. The motors in the arms are adjustable so that the film drag does not incur slackening, plus there is a braking system to avoid loose spools!
The powerful cooling fan (40 m3/hour), is very efficient, so good in fact that, even with the anticalorific glass filter removed, the temperature on the film is well within the standard limits. 
Following Fumeo´s 16 mm practice, the 9145 is a playpack only projector, as recognised from most professional projectionists (although recording facilities were available  when I ordered my projector; in fact, my Fumeo 9140 -with Marc 300 lamp-, has recording facilities, but of course I use other projectors for recording, mainly the Fujicascope SD25 Quartz)
In this configuration, Kern pime non zoom and Fumeo anamorphic (made by Kowa: is the 16D)
In the Fumeo 9145 the film threading is thankfully manual, an absolute necessity for the keen filmmaker and film collector. This is not only the safest and kindest way to lace up our precious movies, but conforms to that of the professional cinema.  My Fumeo 9145 have proved that this machines treat my much-loved films with respect, even after 250 runs of a "green" film (as denomined  the recently processed film, with the emulsion still soft), there was not a scratch, surely one  of the most important points of all.
Super 8 print of Lone Wolf´s EL CID, in Scope (track 1 in Spanish, track 2 in English
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