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LIVING MORE THAN 30 YEARS WITH A FUMEO 9145 (First part of five)

More than 30 years ago, when I was still single and building my home (in La Corunna, NW of Spain), I decided to buy Fumeo xenon proyectors for my projection booth, for showing 16 mm, Super8 and 35 mm slides. In this series of 5 articles, I will write only about the Fumeo 9145 super-8 projector, purchased directly from the factory, thanks to my friend Marcello Dellepiane, those days one of the executives of the Italian company (in the early 1990s he left the factory and joined IBM Italy).
My Fumeo 9145 was slightly different from the one sold in London by The Widescreen Centre or in Germany by Scoptimax.  Mine was called Fumeo 9145 HD2000 Stereo Xenon Pro X4, with stereo magnetic sound, optical sound an Puls Sync sound. The version sold by in England by Tony Shapps and in Germany by Dietrich Kempsky was with mono sound and without Puls Sync sound.
One ot the best features of the Fumeo company is that all their range of projectors were built individually, like a masterpiece. I mean by this than each projector was made to my own special requeriments. Between a Fumeo motion picture projector and a Japanese video projector there is not only an abyss, there is a different concept of life.
In this 32 years I have married, my two children were growing up (my son Daniel is now an engineer y Veronica is studying to be a Doctor as my wife), the Fumeo 9145 projector has brought me hours and hours of projection (about 8.000 hours), without any problem other than one change of the stereo head and the xenon lamp.
In 2007, I have changed the stereo head: I wrote an email to Fumeo (in those times, a division of World Broadcast Systems), and Fumeo sent me a new stereo head by 180 euro, twenty years after the sale of the projector!!! Try writing to a Japanese company to buy a spare for your expensive video projector bought yesterday: nobody will anwer you.
Even today, certain spares, as magnetic heads and others, are still available. 

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