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FUMEO 9145 (part 4 of 5)

The Fumeo 9145 is the most powerful projector in the world, with its 500 watt horizontal Xenon lamp inside an electroformed reflector made from pure nickel. In my unit, the reflector is the special one, with the optional cold light treatment in order to increase the reflectivity of the mirror an extra 15 per cent. 
My friend Alex ready to enjoy Derann´s "Fantasia 2000"
This Xenon lamp (Osram XBO 500 watt) is the same currently used in Fumeo and other european brands in 16 mm and 35 mm projectors.  There are thousands and thousands of projectors in the world using this lamp, so, Osram (and other makers) will manufacture this lamp in the years to come (not as happen with the rare Elmo 250 watt Xenon lamp).
A bomb of light!
With the Osram XBO lamp the price per hour of projection is very cheap, officially, you need to change the lamp at 2000 hours of use, but I changed mine at 3.250 hours! 
But, is this Fumeo 9145, with the 500 watt xenon lamp, the brightest Super 8mm projector? The answer, incredible, is no. Even brighter is the Beaulieu Studio HTI, because the HTI250 lamp is specially designed for the small Super-8 window; also, the pull down is faster. 
More than 2.000 hours per lamp!
Osram Spain told me that the HTI240 lamp is still being manufactured, but I think that as very few apparatus are using this lamp nowdays, the future will be darker for the HTI250 than for the widely used XBO500 xenon. So, thinking of the years to come, the Fumeo 9145 is the best choice. It´s only slightly less bright than the Beaulieu Studio HTI, but Xenon lamp is long-lasting, is cheap to run and I can find it easily even in my city!
Stereo output
My Fumeo 9145 came from the factory with a monophonic amplifier but with a stereo magnetic head with its stereo preamplifier and a stereo output, to plug directly in the theater amplifier.  The Fumeo 9145 can also play films with optical tracks, very nice to enjoy ex airline super-8 prints.
My 9145 can also play films with Puls Sync. A special device, inside the projector, do the pulses thanks to the light of the shutter!  I have used this system many years ago, with some airline prints with optical track in English and the Spanish sound in a tape recorder.
Puls sync output
The sound from the 9145 is very smooth (a must when you plug the equipment to a high fidelity amplifier and the projector is in the booth, without any noise in the theater), thanks to the special design of the sound dum and flywheel (1.4 kilos!), assembled on very high precission ball bearing, and a ratio in diameter between the two of 10:1, to ensure the highest stabilisation of the sound. 
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