viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

FUMEO 9145 (part 5 of 5)

As many readers know, concerning Super-8, I own almost all the high quality projectors made in the hey days of this format and later (Beaulieu Studio and Studio HTI, several Elmo GS1200 -including PCom and Xenon-, the Fujicascope SD25 --only sold in Japan--, the Fujicascope SH30, the Braun Visacustic 2000, the Bauer 610 and others). As a Fumeo enthusiast, I own too the latest version of the 9119, another early 9119 converted to stereo and to HTI lamp, the Fumeo 9140 (for Marc 300) , other Fumeo telecinema models and this Fumeo 9145 Stereo. 
In my opinion, after use a lot of high end projectors, the Fumeo 9145 is the ideal projector for a film collector, as me, who enjoys projecting films to others, and seeing the film itself travelling accross the rollers of the projector. 
I like its professional "feel", its smell to oil, with minimum use of plastics. 
With regular lubrication after 50 hours of projection (the instruction manual explain standard servicing), the Fumeo 9145 is a machine that will probably last forever. 
As I wrote in 1992 in the American magazine The Big Reel (sic): "the Fumeo 9145 is the definitive tool (not a toy) able to still be showing films in the yer 2050. Because in 2050, what will happen with all these mass market projectors made with short-life DC motors and a lot of electronic or plastic components?"
The instruction manual came with the full circuit diagrams: almost all the electronic components used by Fumeo are very easy to find round the corner in a middle sized city such as mine, in the land´s end of the Roman Imperium (La Corunna, in NW of Spain).
Curiosly, in my city, there are two Fumeo 9145: the other one, the standard mono version, is owned from the regional film archive and its in use from 1994 until now. 
The Fumeo 9145 is, for me, the definitive super 8 projector.  
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